Prue Watson

Prue Watson Occupational Therapist
RDI® Certified Consultant
Connect and Relate for Autism Inc

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Provider NDIS
Provider HCWA,
Health Insurance Commission,
Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan,
Focussed Psychological Strategies, Mental Health Plan,
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Working with parents and their child to develop areas of weakness to allow for improved participation and performance, in all aspects of their daily life.

Services Offered
• Occupational Therapy
• RDI® Relationship Development Intervention
• The Listening and In Time Programme
• Cogmed Memory Training Programme

RDI® Relationship Development Intervention
Guiding Parents to help them reconnect with their child with ASD, by developing the Growth Seeking Motivation in their child, which then leads to the development of the Guiding Relationship.
The Guided Relationship is how all children form the understanding about themselves and their relationship with others.
The Guiding Relationship provides the foundation for the development of Relationships, building on co-regulation, collaboration, self-regulation and Dynamic Thinking.
The Guiding relationship is the platform for the development of Dynamic Thinking.
“You either step forward into Growth, or you will step backward into safety” Maslow

I Specializing in Children, Adolescents and Adults with:
Information Processing Difficulties, Difficulties with Motor Coordination and Praxis, Sensory Processing, Auditory Processing Disorder, Working Memory Deficits, Attention and Memory Difficulties, Learning, Social and Play difficulties, Delayed Development, School related Difficulties, Skills of Daily Living, Toileting, Diagnosis of SPD Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism ASD, Hyperactivity and Attention ADHD, Non Verbal Learning Disorder NVLD and related Developmental and Learning Difficulties.

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Available Monday – Friday
Face-to-Face and Online Sessions available.
Rockhampton and Central Queensland regions,
Canberra, Interstate, Regional and Rural areas.

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Prue Watson Occupational Therapist
Connect and Relate for Autism Inc.
RDI® Certified Consultant – Relationship Development Intervention®
Ph 07 49289831 Mob 0404461739

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