Kathleen Bonar – RN

Registered Nurse
Bachelor Of Nursing Science Graded
Grad Cert  Mental Health Nursing
RDI® Program Certified Consultant
ABA Behaviour Therapist

After years of experience as an ABA Consultant with families and special education departments, I have now chosen to devote myself to the developmental side of working with children and families with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Having my own child diagnosed with Autism, I decided to embark on an intensive ABA home-based intervention program and became a qualified ABA therapist. It was during this period I realized there was something missing, something not quite right. My son was used to structure and routine, he knew the answers to a lot of rehearsed questions yet if there were any small changes to this structure or routine he would have a ‘’meltdown’’. It was at that moment I knew there was a critical piece of the puzzle missing”. RDI is often described as “the missing piece of the puzzle” in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

What I was most concerned about is during my time developing my son, everything was geared around ‘’early intervention’’ and that’s what was coming out of all the PR machines at the time. 

Where I was at a loss was most mainstream programs did not cater for later life or develop children or adults with an ASD to be self-sufficient and learn to build relationships. After all, our children grow up to be adults and it always worried me about how will they cope and how will they become independent. For me, my son’s independence is the greatest gift I could give him.

After years of learning and understanding all the many needs of a children and families living with an ASD, I was drawn to RDI for the purpose of bringing all the key elements and therapies together. The objective of RDI is to develop children and families living and working on the ASD scale to improve quality of life now and prepare them for the future.

Kathleen is interested in working with families in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.
+61 413 617 609 | kathleenstanes@bigpond.com