Fleta Pohlner

RDI® Program Certified Consultant and Speech Pathologist

Fleta Pohlner is an RDI consultant and Speech Pathologist who works in private practice from her farm homestead, between Nhill and Horsham, in Western Victoria.

A parent recently commented that RDI has not only assisted her son gain a better quality of life but also assisted the parent’s entire family and marriage.

Here’s some examples of improved quality of life that we have noted with one family that has included RDI in their lives. Jack asked his Mum, “What are you doing today Mum?” Mum proceeded to list the busy schedule of jobs and appointments she aimed to complete. Jack then responded with, “That’s good Mum but what are you doing for yourself today?” Jack’s Mum couldn’t believe the empathy  her son, with ASD, is displaying.

Jack has been elected School Captain this year. The school bursar was showing a dignitary around the school. The two men  entered the classroom that Jack was part of and mentioned that Jack and a peer travel a 70 km distance each day to school. Jack was working away at his Maths but heard the comment in the background. Jack immediately got up from his seat, walked up to the dignitary and introduced himself. The dignitary, who travels around the state of Victoria, has never come across such a young student having such mature social skills.

The same social skills were also evident recently when Jack assisted at a Field Day, where the aim was to promote his school.  Please be assured that this exercise was closely supervised by school staff however Jack was walking up to unknown adults ,  introducing himself and initiating conversation.

Fleta’s knows that children with Autism will not all achieve all the skills that Jack has gained, however Fleta wants each child and their family to reach their full potential. Please consider asking Fleta to help your family experience the improved quality of life that this parent is describing.

“Hope For Autism” is the slogan for RDI Consultants Australia. Fleta believes this is true.

Fleta is interested in working with families in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.
+61 417 105 820 | fletapohlner@bigpond.com