Dianne O’Brien

Dianne O’Brien

RDI® Program Consultant /Special Education Teacher

My Profession is teaching. I started my career as a Primary School Teacher. Then, after having my children, a daughter and a son, I completed 2 degrees in Early Childhood. As a mother, an early childhood teacher and later as a Special Ed. Teacher, I became increasingly aware that parents needed support in their homes. I developed a long term goal, to somehow make a career change in that direction.

Then I heard of an acquaintance doing RDI® training in Houston. When I heard about RDI®, it sounded like a program that would suit my long term plan.

After attending several presentations about RDI®, I started trialling some of the Guiding strategies and goals with my students. I became aware of the program’s potential for improving their general wellbeing, including the development of dynamic thinking, motivation and enthusiasm for learning and independence.  I started my training in March, 2014, in Australia.

I was the first Australian trained certified RDI® consultant.

Many parents of children with ASD and other developmental disorders feel like they can’t parent their child.
Parenting on a good day is a challenge; add a diagnosis, and you have just blown that challenge into epic proportions.
Parents have come to believe that they must relinquish their parental role to the professionals.
InRDI® we believe that Parents are the most biologically and physiologically and emotionally suited to make the difference in their child’s life.
Over a lifespan, good parents are the most valuable asset a child can have.
RDI® Consultants empower parents with the means to provide their children with the knowledge, mental skills, habits and mindsets needed to thrive in a complex, unpredictable, stressful world.

Allow us to guide you to develop a trusting relationship between you and your child.

Qualifications and Memberships:

RDI® Program Consultant
Cert. in Primary Teaching
B.Ed. Primary – Early childhood conversion
Grad. Dip in Early childhood

18 years of experience as a Special Ed. teacher
Established and directed my own Kindergarten and Preschool for 17.5 years

Contact Details:
Mobile: 0421 046 277
Email: dianneautism@yahoo.com.au

South Brisbane district
Gold Coast