Anh Phuong Dinh TRAN

RDI® Program Certified Consultant
B.Com. – Melb.Uni.
B.B. Lit. & Jour. 

Anh is the first and only Vietnamese certified consultant in Australia and she is a dedicated advocate in assisting families from the Vietnamese community to access quality intervention services.

Anh can provide services in both English and Vietnamese. Anh also can provide services to families from different cultural backgrounds in both Australia and overseas.

Anh provides her Vietnamese families with RDI(R) intervention programs that have been translated into Vietnamese and customises programs to incorporate important elements of the Vietnamese culture.

Anh works within the family home with all members of the family and provides consultancy to childcare, kinder and schools.

Anh works with young children, children, adolescents and young adults. Anh aims to assist families to discover their child’s potential, develop the child’s ability to learn and improve their quality of life.
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