Relationship Development Intervention® RDI®

  • Guides parents to promote the development of their child’s ability to think, communicate and relate dynamically
  • Trains and guides parents to restore the Guiding Relationship between parents and child
  • Trains parents to guide their child to become aware of, understand, manage and engage with the complexity and dynamic changes that occur in everyday life rather than avoiding them or becoming overwhelmed
  • Educates and trains parents to develop the areas of social emotional and communication competence that typical children achieve in their early years: foundations that form the basis for understanding and developing relationships with others
  • Is a cutting edge process based on current and ongoing research
  • Targets the core deficits of autism to reduce the impact of these for a person with an ASD
  • Is applicable for a child of any age, including adolescent and adult people

Families using the RDI® process report meaningful change in the following areas


  • Are more motivated to accept guidance
  • Value time with parents over objects
  • Are more interested in how parents & other family members feel
  • Show a stronger desire to take greater responsibility in their daily lives


  • Perceive their children as engaging
  • Feel more hopeful and less fearful about future
  • Feel a decreased need to act as a buffer and advocate for their child
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